Fall 2014Your Consultant:
Dr. Douglas Paul Pruiett, Sr.

After 16 years as an aerospace engineer, seven years as a missionary and pastor, and eleven years as an AVP of Information Technology, the Lord has opened the opportunity for me to serve as a technical and ministry consultant to Christian non-profits and secular companies.  My years in the fast-paced missile design, test, and launch environment, combined with my experience leading the efforts of ministers and volunteers to meet the spiritual needs of inmates and staff in penal institutions, and handling the technology needs and initiatives of an international mission organization have provided a unique skill set that can be used to further the mission of a broad range of organizations.  My experience as a community organizer and lobbyist also add a dimension to my services in the area of communicating vision and raising support for initiatives.

Organizations I Have Served:

Martin-Marietta Aerospace – Senior Engineer.  Missiles systems software design and testing.

Lockheed-Martin Missiles and Space – Scientific Programming Specialist.  Missile systems testing and flight analysis.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Department – Senior Chaplain to inmates and staff.  Design of jail management database system.  Design of educational computer network.

Chatham County Sheriff’s Department – Senior Chaplain to inmates and staff.  Design of jail management database system.  Design of substance abuse program database system.

Good News Jail & Prison Ministry – AVP of IT.  Oversight of all technical initiatives for this international organization.

Consulting Services I have Provided:

The Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia – Database design, programming, and deployment consulting services.

Home School Legal Defense Association – Lobbyist consulting services for legislative issues in the 2015 Virginia General Assembly.

The Family Foundation of Virginia – Database programming, project management for conversion to new customer Relationship Management platform.

The Southern Baptist International Mission Board – Project management consulting for an Enterprise Data and Reporting initiative.


Bachelor of Science – Pure Mathematics, Summa cum Laude, University of Central Florida

Graduate work toward a M.S in Applied Mathematics, University of Central Florida

Master of Religious Education, Luther Rice Seminary

Doctor of Ministry – Pastoral Ministry, Bethany Theological Seminary


Assistant Vice President of Information Technology, Good News Jail & Prison Ministry, Richmond, Virginia

Oversaw the planning and implementation of all technical resources and projects for this international organization. Provided technical services for over 400 personnel in 22 US states and 24 foreign countries.

• Worked as part of the executive team guiding the overall direction of the organization.
• Designed, specified, procured, and installed a secure twenty-workstation LAN at our HQ, and a seven-station LAN at our remote print shop. Created a secure WAN between locations.
• Installed, configured, programmed, and maintained eight Windows-based network servers.
• Configured and maintained ASP.NET and PhP web servers.
• Installed, configured, and maintained Exchange, SQL, and MySQL servers.
• Designed, coded (VB.NET, HTML, and JavaScript), hosted, and maintained three extensive data-driven ASP.NET secure web sites that serve over one hundred locations in the US.
• Supported technical needs of over sixty remote sites, including design of custom software.
• Installed, configured and maintained network security hardware and software. Troubleshot and resolved network intrusions.
• Designed and coded (SQL and VB) a financial software package that automated repetitive operations, saving 30 man-hours each week and 40 hours on our annual budget process.
• Designed and produced online video training modules.
Project managed the creation of a seventy-five web site network to serve our missionaries. Designed, coded (JavaScript), hosted, and maintained these public WordPress web sites.
Project managed our fiftieth anniversary celebration simulcast. Established and tested receiving equipment at forty-three venues from New York to Hawaii. Oversaw configuration and programming of equipment at broadcast location. Simulcast 100% successful.
Project managed the move of our HQ to a new facility. IP-Phones, LANS, WAN, and all web sites operational in less than twelve hours after disconnect.

Senior Chaplain, Good News Jail & Prison Ministry

Served as a full-time missionary in the capacity of senior chaplain to penal facilities in three states. Provided instruction, counseling, and crisis intervention for inmates, staff, and families.

• Served facilities in Florida, Virginia, and Georgia.
• Served the spiritual needs of over 1800 inmates and staff in each facility.
• Supervised fifty department workers, paid and volunteer.
• Designed the curriculum for a “Life Learning Program” that served 104 inmates year round.
• Designed database systems (VB.NET, Access, SQL) and computer networks for the facility and its programs.
• Served as organization representative to over 50 churches, businesses, and supporters, meeting regularly.
• Oversaw the activities of boards that served as liaison between the ministry and the community.
• Spoke to audiences in churches and other public venues an average of twice per week.
• Increased donations by 165% to reach the goal of supporting an additional chaplain.
• Received a Distinguished Service Award.

Scientific Programming Specialist, Lockheed-Martin Missiles & Space Co.

Worked as part of the U.S. Navy Trident II long-range, submarine-launched nuclear missile program at Cape Canaveral, FL. Also supported testing of older generations of the missile as well as testing of torpedoes.

• Managed computer and communications systems for the test facility. Facilities I supported included multiple buildings for missile assembly and test, supply and Navy administration buildings, a launch data acquisition and analysis center, a launch pad and access stand, and a submarine basin.
• Designed, installed, and maintained satellite and ground communications systems as well as base-wide computer systems and networks.
• Served as systems administrator for mainframes and network servers, systems that served over 300 personnel.
• Performed systems and applications programming.
• Performed as part of the launch team in the Data Acquisition and Reduction Center, assisting with launch preparation and flight monitoring and analysis.  Oversaw the operation of the launch-critical data center.
• Designed and installed a networked base-wide environmental monitoring system to ensure atmospheric conditions in the missile test, storage, and launch areas were within spec.
• Determined and implemented DoD security specifications for all systems.
• Served as security liaison to the Department of Defense.

Senior Engineer, Martin-Marietta Aerospace, Orlando, FL

Worked as a software design and test engineer for the U.S. Army Pershing II intermediate-range nuclear missile program.

• Designed, tested, and deployed the missile launcher and airborne software.
• Designed a computer test lab for missile software.
• Designed and performed missile field tests
• Oversaw software configuration control for the entire missile project.

President/Owner, Digilog, Inc.    Designed and published software.